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‘The Siege of Paris’ is the second major expansion of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It introduces the new region of Francia/France. The DLC contains two new Armor Sets (Paladin Armor Set & Reaper Armor Set). You will get the pieces of these Armor Sets from Wealth Chests and by completing Rebel Missions. Other than these two armor sets you will also get Bellatores Robe from a wealth chest. This Article Shows how to get Paladin Armor Set, Reaper Armor Set & Bellatores Robe.

Reaper Armor Set Perks

1. Restore some health after a successful assassination
Bonus: +15% Health

2. Time slows for longer when spotted by an enemy
Bonus: +2 sec time slow

Paladin Armor Set Perks

1. Melee attacks consume more stamina and deal more damage
Bonus: +5% Stamina consumption, +50.0 Melee Damage

2. Additional Adrenaline charge bonus from attacks. Shield blocks consume less stamina.
Bonus: +70% Adrenaline charge, -5% Stamina consumption

How to Get Reaper Armor Set

You can purchase Reaper Armor Set from Pierre by increasing your Infamy level. Increasing infamy level is part of the main questline ‘Viva La Resistance’. ‘Viva La Resistance‘ quest starts automatically on completion of the ‘Siege of Paris’ prologue and as you reach Francia. See the picture below for the location of Pierre.

On talking to Pierre you will get Rebel Missions. You can also get Rebel Missions from Pierre’s agents in Francia (Locations will be highlighted with a butterfly symbol on the map). Complete the Rebel missions to gain infamy.

You will unlock new items for sale at quest giver Pierre after leveling up your Infamy Rank. At Infamy Level 4 you’ll have access to all Reaper Armor pieces.
Reaper’s Pants: Purchase from Pierre after reaching Infamy Level 2 (400 Rebel Coins)
Reaper’s Helm: Purchase from Pierre after reaching Infamy Level 3 (450 Rebel Coins)
Reaper’s Cloak: Purchase from Pierre after reaching Infamy Level 3 (450 Rebel Coins)
Reaper’s Bracers: Acquired automatically on reaching Infamy Level 3 and accepting the next Rebel Mission.
Reaper’s Torso: Purchase from Pierre after reaching Infamy Level 4 (750 Rebel Coins)

Paladin Armor Set Pieces Locations

Paladin Helm (Melunois Wealth)

Paladin Helm is inside a chest in Pruvinis at the location as shown in the picture below. You will get the key to open the chest by defeating a Goliath in the central tower in the area (see pictures below).

Once you have the key, get out of the tower and turn right to reach a hole on the ground. Jump inside the hole, where you will find a barred door. The chest is behind a barred door. Pick up an explosive near the door and use it to break the stone wall opposite the explosives. Go through the broken wall to reach some iron bars from where you can see the chest and some explosive barrels. Shoot the explosive, and this will destroy the latch of the barred door. Now go through the door to get to the wealth chest and open it to get Paladin Helm.

Paladin Pants (Melunois Wealth)

Paladins Pants is inside a wealth chest in Medanta, which is at the north portion of Melunois. The chest is inside a red tent in the Medanta camp (See pictures below). Unfortunately, the chest is locked and you will need to find the key to open the chest.

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The key is with a Goliath, who you will find near the pond in Medanata as shown in the picture below.

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Paladin Hood (Evresin Wealth)

Paladins Pants is inside a wealth chest in Lisieux, which is at the west portion of Evresin. The chest is in a secret room inside Lisieux Crypt. The location of the crypt is shown with a yellow dot in the picture below. To get to the chest you will need two keys that you will get at locations marked by 1 & 2 in the map below.

Lisieux Crypt Door Key: Crypt door key is with a man in front of a hut south of a small pond in Lisieux. You can steal the key from the man.

Hidden Crypt Room Door Key: The key to the hidden room is inside a church at the top level (See picture below). Go inside the church and take the ladder to reach the upper level. Here you will need to shoot the ladder with an arrow for it to slide down. Then use a sliding panel to jump on the ladder and reach the top level. You will get the key here at the top level.

After collecting the key from the top level of the church, jump down the open window to reach a cemetery. The crypt door is in the cemetery. Open the door and proceed until you reach a big room. In this big room you will find a secret door behind a curtain (See Picture Below). Open the door using the key and then get Paladin Hood from the chest.

Paladin Chainmail (Paris Wealth)

This chest is in Defender’s Rest. First, you will have to collect the “Defender’s Rest Chest Key” from the underground. Enter the underground from the door shown in the second picture below. Fight the enemies in the underground to find the key in the final room, where you have to defeat Gedriht.

The chest is on the top floor as shown in the picture below. Reach the top floor and open the chest using the key to get Paladin Chainmail.

Paladin Bracers (Paris Wealth)

This wealth chest is in La Greve. The chest is inside the house shown below. Go inside the house and go up the stairs. The chest is inside the room on the right side as you get up the stairs. The room the locked and you will need to find the key to the room.

The key is inside the room opposite the room containing the chest. To enter the room you will need to destroy the door latch using an arrow (See picture below). Once the latch is destroyed, go outside and enter the room from the door that you just unlocked. Pick up the key from the table inside the room. Now use the key to go and open the room containing the chest. open the chest to get Paladin Bracers.

Bellatores Robe (Paris Wealth)

This wealth is in Sainte-Genevieve Church, which is on the southeast side of Paris city, as shown below. Enter the church and climb the ladder on the left side to get the wealth. The chest contains Bellatores Robe Armor.

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