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God of War Ragnarok: Freyr’s Camp Legendary Chests

This guide shows the location of all the  Legendary Chests and how to get them in the Freyr’s Camp area of the Vanaheim Region in God of War Ragnarok. Click here for Freyr’s Camp complete collectibles guide.

1) Legendary Chest (Divine Ashes / Muspelheim Seed)

Go to the path in front of the blacksmith. Then turn right and look and jump on the rock at the center of the pond. From there, you will be able to see the legendary chest behind a breakable rock. To be able to break the rock, you will be needing a spear, which you will get during Main Story Mission 10. Hit the rock with a spear. Then detonate the spear to break the rock. Now go inside and get the chest.

2) Legendary Chest (Leviathan’s Roar – Heavy Runic Attack)

It is at the location marked in the picture below. You will go there during the Main Story Quest 13.

Crawl through the hole in the wall on the right side as shown in the picture below. Then go left and climb up the wall ahead.

Then drop down from the right side and climb up the wall to reach the platform on the left side as shown in the picture below. Go to the opposite end of the platform and jump on the wall as shown in the second picture below. Go right on the wall to reach the chest.

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