The Funicular All Secret Area Locations Guide: Oddworld Soulstorm

Oddworld Soulstorm Funicular Secret Area Locations

Secret area #1

You can find the first secret area inside the first mine. Head inside the first mine. Continue going towards the left till you reach an opening on the floor. Dropdown again to find the first secret area. Use the below image for reference.

Secret area #2

To find the second secret area, you need to make a quick deviation from your normal game path. After coming out of the second mine, you’ll come across an elevator. You need to ride it to the bottom to find another secret area.

Note: Make sure to press a button here as it opens up the mine gate for secret area #5

Secret area #3

From the previous secret area, take the elevator back up to the top. Here you have to run away from an out-of-control buzzsaw until the saw drops to the canyon. Now jump onto the platform behind and keep going back till you find one that doesn’t have spikes at the bottom. You can drop down to find your secret location


Secret area #4

After preparing the antidote and curing the first Mudokon you will have to ride a Funicular down. From here go left and jump down at the end. Here, you’ll find yet another mine that is the fourth secret area.


Secret area #5

Make sure you have pressed the button at secret area #2, as it opens up the mine gate for secret area #5

From the Funicular station area (where you got information for preparing the antidote), move towards the spot where the level started. In the path you’ll notice a big gap that you can jump to the bottom. Here you will find an open mine gate that will take you to the secret area.


#Secret area #6

After you’ve taken the ride on Funicular along with 7 Mukodons, you’ll reach the other side to a new location. From here go right till the end and enter into the mine to unlock the secret area.


Secret area #7

Once you’ve completed the previous secret area, head to the left until you find a billboard. Jump down and move under the platform to find a metallic part hiding the secret area.

Secret area #8

Once you’ve saved all Mukodons with the help of a bird transporter, hop onto the ledge. Continue towards bottom your to finish the last objective ‘ Find a way to the phat station’. To reach the secret station you need to hop onto the ledge above the main path (see pic). Just follow the path to the end and find the last secret location.

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