Fyxestroll Garden: All Chests & Warp Trotter Locations | Honkai Star Rail

This article aims to assist you in finding all the chests and Warp Trotter locations in the Fyxestroll Garden area of Honkai Star Rail.

1/15 Basic Chests

Bountiful Treasure

2/15 Basic Chests

3/15 Basic Chests

4/15 Warp Trotter

Precious Treasure

5/15 Basic Chests

6/15 Basic Chests

7/15 Basic Chests

8/15 Basic Chests

9/15 Basic Chests

10/15 Basic Chests

11/15 Basic Chests

12/15 Basic Chests

13/15 Basic Chests

14/15 Basic Chests

To find the mirror chests (next two chests), players should follow the story and then check the mirror after the end of the story.

The mirror will take them to a special mirror zone. Look for the mirror on the left with spirits and go through it. This is where players will discover the first mirror chest.

15/15 Basic Chests

After collecting the previous chest (mirror puzzle), the player doesn’t need to through any mirror. Just turn back and pass through the glowing road to find the next chest on a floating island

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