Garden for the Dead: God of War Ragnarok

This article will show you how to complete the Favor (Sub-quest) “Garden for the Dead:” in the game God of War Ragnarok, released on November 8th, 2022. Garden for the Dead is a Favor (Side Quest) for Astrid in God of War Ragnarok.


To complete this favor you need to access River Delta and for this, you need to finish Main Quest 6: The Reckoning

Garden for the Dead Walkthrough

Garden for the Dead can be initiated by speaking with Astrid’s ghost at Noatun’s Garden. Dock your boat on the beach and then kill the enemies. Speak with the ghost hidden behind the pillar. The Ghost will tell you that the poison in the Garden stops any plants from developing, and needs your help to clean away the poison. To purify the region, you must destroy the neighboring totems.

Destroy the poison totems

To complete the favor, you must blow up the red explosives behind the three poison totems in the area.

#1 Totems

In front of the Ghost. Go behind the rocks to hit the fire vessel.

#2 Totems

This is located on the right. Climb up the wall of the nearby ruins and you can shoot the chain of hanging items from the roof as shown in the pictures below. The hanging item will fall and detonate the explosive, destroying the totem.

#3 Totems

It is inside the structure just behind the ghost. Turn left to see a hole in the wall you can shoot through. Talk to the quest giver once more after destroying all 3 totems.

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