Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away | Inazuma World Quest | Genshin Impact 2.0 Guide

Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away is a World Quest on Inazuma. The starting point for this quest is on the southern edge of the Jakotsu Mine. I have marked the location below the map. Talk to Chouji to begin the quest. He will try to offer you crystals at an exorbitant price. Then he’ll tell you about a hidden treasure.

Gather 12 chunks of Crystal Marrow

For the sake of treasure, you decided to mine 12 chucks of Crystal Marrow Ore. Inazuma’s Crystal Marrow is a crystal produced from Tatarigami. On the map, I’ve noted a few areas where you can locate Crystal Marrow. There should be no trouble finding 12 Chucks because there are plenty of them available. Some are easy to find, and some are perched on the edge of rock formations.

Obtain the treasure mentioned by Chouji

To obtain the treasure location, deliver Chouji 12 Chucks of Crystal Marrow. Chouji will say that the treasure is right adjacent to the mines. The treasure location is highlighted on the map and is just east of where you are now. However, you will discover that Chouji has duped you.

Confront Chouji

Confront Chouji about his scamming. And you promised to assist him if he needed it, but he should also quit scamming.

Rest until 11:00 – 14:00 the next day and talk to Chouji

Either you can rest the timer or come back after few hours.

Talk to Chouji

The kid will try to sell Crystal Marrow once more. This time, he’ll ask for your assistance in mining another 12 Chucks of Crystal Marrow.

Gather 12 chunks of Crystal Marrow

Give him 12 Chucks of Crystal Marrow. You can mine from the same spots. If you already have Crystal Marrow, simply give it to him.

Go to Chouji’s home

Chouji will extend an invitation to you to his home. Then, proceed to Chouji’s residence, which is located above the cliff, just north of the previous location. He’ll tell you that he forgot to prepare a meal for them.

Share the dish you made with Chouji

Here you have decided to share the recipe of “Imported Poultry” with him. For this, you need to give Chouji mentioned below items
Bird Egg x 2
Flour x 2
Fowl x 4
Head to the left side of the building and select the recipe to cook near the cauldron. Cook the Imported Poultry Recipe that you obtained and give it to Chouji.

Solve Chouji’s problem: 

His mom used to go nearby shrine to pray for his dad, he is afraid of going there.

Investigate the shrine

The shrine is located behind his house, just Summon an electrogranum from nearby to pass through the electric barrier.

Talk to Chouji

Head back to Chouji and inform him that her mother has not left any note for him at the shrine. This will end the quest.

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