Genshin Impact: Connect the circuit (As The Khvarena’s Light Shows: Nirodha)

This article will guide you on how to complete the objective “Connect the Circuit” in the world quest As The Khvarena’s Light Shows: Nirodha in Genshin Impact 3.6

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Upon inserting the energy block into the ruined core, Nasejuna will advise us to inspect the relays of the control system, as the system remains inactive.

Go to the control center where the relays may be found

Exit the control room from the door on the right to reach a Mixer. To connect the circuit, players must direct the Energy, and this can be achieved by rotating the mixer as demonstrated in the image below.

Investigate the door on the left side

After rotating the first mixer, the next step is to move toward the left path. Traveler and Nasejuna will reach a chamber where they must connect the Circuit to proceed forward with the World Quest

Connect the Circuit

Within the chamber, certain Energy Control Systems are contaminated with Gray Crystals. To acquire two Farrwick, players must initially follow two Seelies.

Proceed with the first Seelie, which will lead you toward the path on the right. At the end of the path, you will discover the first Farrwick. Return to the puzzle area with it, and position it between the two Mixers to eliminate the Gray Crystals.

Either pursue the second Seelie or climb the ladder directly to retrieve the second Farrwick. After obtaining it, place the Farrwick between the two Mixers adjacent to the entrance.

Having cleared the Mixers of Gray Crystals, the next step for players is to direct the Energy and establish the circuit. Proceed towards the Mixers across to the entrance and transfer the Energy from the left Mixer to the right Mixer by rotating the mechanism.

As players follow the circuit’s path while rotating the available Mixers, they will eventually arrive at a locked gate. Rotate the Mixer that is outside to the right to open the gate.

Then go inside to rotate the mixer to the right. Finally, change the flow of the Energy to connect with the Mixer inside the gate.

Connect the rest of the Mixers on the path to finally reach the main Control Device.

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