All 4 Familiar Voices Conch Locations: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact: Where to Find all 4 Familiar Voices Conch Guide

To finish the Echoing Tales event in Genshin Impact 1.6, you must collect all of the echoing conchs distributed at 32 different locations. Players that find all of the Echoing Conch locations on the Dodoland Golden Apple Archipelago map will be rewarded with Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and a free Barbara summer costume.

So, in order to finish the quest, you must find all of the conchs, including the Familiar Voices conch locations. If you haven’t already, this tutorial will assist you in obtaining it.

Also, please keep in mind that the final four Familiar Voices Conch (which are part of Chapter VI) will become available as collectibles once you begin Act 3. The only major issue is that they are all spread across different islands. So, if you’re having trouble locating the Chapter VI Echoing Conches, our guide is the place to be.


You must visit four separate sites in Genshin Impact Act 3, or Day 3, to find the Familiar Voices echoing conch places. They’re all on different islands. All of the places are marked on the map above. We’ll give you a quick rundown of where you can locate each of them below. Above that are screenshots of maps with the exact location of each conch noted.

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#1: Conch 1 – Grilled Fish, Tortoises, and Innocence:

Visit the Teleport Waypoint on Pudding Isle and look south on a somewhat lower cliff. The conch is halfway down, lying on a flat, grassy platform. This conch features Klee and Barbara. Gliding down to reach the lower cliff is the best way to reach it.

#2: Conch 2 – Seaside Reminiscence

On the beach between Pudding island and Twinning island, near the monster camp. This Familiar Voices Conch is placed on a rock near the water and a little boat debris. This conch features the voices of both Dilus and Kaeya.

#3: Conch 3 – Wolf’s Predicament

The conch is on the island just south of the arena where you encounter the new boss name Maguu Kenki. The conch is located on the south side of the island, you will have to climb to the top of the rock formation to spot it. This conch features Razor.

#4: Conch 4 – An Archon’s Deeds

You will find a conch on the northwest of Minacious Isle, on the beach near the large stone arch. It is lying on the beach, very close to the water. This conch features the voice of Albedo.

Players can access the Echoing Tales event panel after gathering all 32 Echoing Conches, including these four recognizable voices. They should also receive 10 times hero’s wit, 10 times mystic enhancement ore, and 30,000 times mora.

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How to find Genshin Impact Conch locations

Conch locations Chapter I: Songs of a Distant Home

Conch 1: Five Mountains Hide the Little Village. Glide down to the southern beach, conch is laying on a rock.
Conch 2: Two Paths Through the Lonely Forest. From the Teleport Waypoint on the Twinning Isle, you can glide to the top of the smaller isle. It’s on the peak’s south side.
Conch 3: One River Flowing Down the Middle. On top of the Twinning Isle’s southern peak.
Conch 4: Four Winds Bring the Sound of Joy. Begin at the Teleport Waypoint and walk east. Glide down to the lower cliff, where you’ll locate the Echoing Conch near a tree.
Conch 5: The Clan of Song, Scattered. Go to the high point in the west, then descend to the south. The Conch is located on a lower cliff’s edge.

Conch locations Chapter II: Strangers in a Strange Boat

Conch 1: The Trapped. Lying atop a flat rock just before the island’s highest peak.
Conch 2: Where Duty Lies. On the crest of the mountain, adjacent to the old ship (southside).

Conch locations Chapter III: Unlucky Father

Conch 1: Sudden Attack. Go west of the Twinning Isle and north of the Broken Isle to the island group. The first Conch lies beneath the stone ruin on the beach.
Conch 2: A Father’s Thoughts. On the southeast side of a cliff. Lower than the peak, but slightly higher than the surrounding wooden suspension bridge (if you turn your back to the suspension bridge, the Conch is on top of the ladder to your right).
Conch 3: Mysterious Savior. Go to the wooden platform on the mountain’s crest. It is located on your left hand (open cage).

Conch locations Chapter IV: My “Hero”

Conch 1: The General: It’s placed on the western Pudding Isle mountain.
Conch 2: Stoic Bloom. On the island’s northwest side, immediately before the old pillar.
Conch 3: Homeland. Walk to the southwest corner of the island to the stone remains. Look for the Conch in the sand to your right.

Conch locations Chapter V: Grand Line

Conch 1: Professional Attempt. On top of the tiny rock island.
Conch 2: Fog and Exit. You can break the wall on the east side if you go through the opening in the middle. The Conch is in charge.
Conch 3: Moon and Wind. Glide down and to the south. You’ll notice a cave entrance where you can land (similar to the other rock openings in Chapter V). Hit the loose stones to unlock a secret place where you can discover the Conch.
Conch 4: Stone and Phantom. It’s inside the rock again.
Conch 5: Sail and Escape. It’s on the small grassy spot on top of the rock.

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