Genshin Impact: Chi of Guyun World Quest Walkthrough and Solution

How to complete The Chi of Guyun quest in Genshin Impact

Chi of Guyun” is a world quest in the region of Liyue where the Traveller uncovers a mystery behind Qingce Village. This walkthrough includes the locations of the statues and puzzles of the world quest Chi of Guyun. At the end of the quest, players will receive 500 Adventure EXP, 60 Primogems, and a Liyue Shrine Key.

Starting Location: Chi Of Guyun Guide

To unlock the quest player need to speak with Yan’er (NPC) near the ruin in Bishui Plain. The ruins are right next to a Teleport Waypoint that takes you to Bishui Plain, as indicated on the map. Yan’er tells players of an ancient dragon named Chi. She claims that his corpse may exist in the ruins. However, the area is guarded by a Ruin Hunter.

NPC Yan’er location

Investigate the ruin

The first step of the quest is to investigate the ruin. This step can be divided into three parts. 

  • Head north into the ruins and defeat the Ruin Hunter and Interact with the “incomplete writing” at the center.
  • Find the 3 strange animal stones near the ruin. You can find these stones near large chunks of orange color amber near the ruins.
Three Strange Stones
  • Once all three statues have been activated, open the Precious Chest that spawns near the “incomplete writing” to obtain “Collected Fragment”.

Ask the locals of Qingce Village about the fragments

After collecting the fragment, head to Qingce Village to speak with the locals. The villagers will redirect the player to Granny Ruoxin, who is located in the shrine, next to the teleport waypoint in the northern part of town.

Ask Granny Ruoxin about the fragments

Granny Ruoxin reveals that the fragment is related to the Chi, and that the other fragments may be somewhere on mountaintops or within some ruins.

Search for fragments near the Geo Statues

You will now have to search the area for fragments where there are a lot of Geo Statues. There are a total of two locations.

Geo Statues Locations
  • The second location is located south of the western Teleport Waypoint. Interacting with the stone statues in a particular order as shown below: North, South East, North West, North East, South West. After activating all of the statues obtain Collected Fragment from the Precious chest.
Interact in given order
  • The first location is at the top of the highest cliff around Qingce Village. Once you manage to scale the mountain, you need to interact with four of the Statues that are looking in specific directions. I have marked the statue in the correct order to interact. After activating all of the statues obtain Collected Fragment from the Precious chest.
Interact in given order

Decipher the fragment

Head back to meet Granny Ruoxin. She will explain the meaning of the fragments and will prompt the Traveler to search for treasure in the waterfall northwest of the village.

Find a way into the vault

To the right of the waterfall is a cave entrance. Follow it down into the vault and open the gate with the fragments.

Search the vault

Head inside the cave and activate the crystal. Waves of enemies will spawn immediately after like a bunch of Ruin Guards and a Ruin Hunter. When the enemies are defeated, players can go to the back of the cave to find a treasure room. Continue towards the back of the room to find 1 Luxurious, 1 Precious, 2 Exquisite, and 2 Common Chests. The luxurious chest contains all that’s required for the quest treasure

Head to Qingce Village and report to Granny Ruoxin

Speak with Granny Ruoxin to complete the quest.

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