Genshin Impact: Treasure Lost, Treasure Found | World Quest Guide

Stone Tablet and Jade Plate locations – Genshin Impact (Treasure Lost, Treasure Found)

Treasure Lost, Treasure Found” is a world quest in the region of Liyue in Genshin Impact where the Traveller is tasked with helping NPC Soraya uncover mysterious markings on the ruins in the Guili Plains with only a vague map marker.

The quest is designed to reveal the history behind the land of Teyvat. The quest is divided into two parts, leading many to prematurely stop pursuing the quest without receiving all the rewards it has to offer. This walkthrough includes the locations of the stone tablets and jade plates which are vaguely marked on the map. In the end, the player will receive 600 Adventure EXP and 80 Primogems.

Starting Location: Treasure Lost, Treasure Found (Part 1)

To unlock the quest, head to the Guili Plains in the region of Liyue and, speak to the scholar Soraya (NPC) standing near the ruins in the area. The location of Soraya (NPC) is marked on the map.

Head to Guili Assembly to search for an ancient stone tablet (0/5)

She will ask you to find five stone tablets in the same ruin area. The navigation map won’t provide the exact locations of stone tablets, but the image below will help you to find the correct location. These tablets are located around enemies like hilichurls. Once you’ve investigated all 5 tablets return to Soraya.

Ancient Stone Tablet locations are marked with Stars

Search for the stone tablets (0/2)

She will ask to find 2 more stone tablets in different locations. These two stone tablets are marked on the map. The player can simply use the navigation option to locate them.

  1. The stone tablet is to the west at Luhua Pool, guarded by an Abyss Mage and its army.
  2. The other stone tablet is south of Guili Assembly, near a Teleport Waypoint in the Sea of Clouds. The tablet is locked behind an iron gate but if you look to the left there is another entrance with vines that can be destroyed to get to the tablet.

Investigate these two stone tablets to end the first half of the Quest.

Starting Location: Treasure Lost, Treasure Found (Part 2)

Talk to Soraya 

She will now be found at Wangshu Inn. She will tell more of the backstory of the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest. This time you will be tasked to find four Jade Plates in the plains to the south.

Enter the ruin and search for a strange jade plate (0/4)

The map shows all four jade plates that need to be activated. once you’ve activated all four jade plates, head back to Wangshu Inn and speak with Soraya.

Jade Plates are marked by Stars.

Talk to Soraya & Find the final ruin

After speaking with NPC Soraya your task is to find the final ruin. Head to the pool of water as marked on the map. Investigate the final jade plate to revive three ruin guards. 

Defeat the Ruin Guards

Defeat all three ruin guards. Defeat them by whatever setup you can and the water will drain. Several chests can be found inside.
Tip: Just jump into the middle pool and then they follow too and commit die 🙂

Collect the Treasure and Talk to Soraya 

After you have finished seizing the loot, return to Soraya at the inn to complete the quest and receive the award. This will complete the entire quest.

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