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This guide shows the complete walkthrough for Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave in Elden Ring. This dungeon is in Mountaintops of the Giants as shown in the picture below.

How to reach Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave

Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave is east of Zamor Ruins as shown below. But to reach there, you will have to take a long path. From Zamor Ruins, go northeast until you reach Freezing Lake. From there go southeast toward Spiritcaller’s Cave. From there, go south to Giant’s Gravepost. Then go southeast to reach the Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave. The path is marked with red lines in the picture below.

Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave Guide

After entering the dungeon, take the elevator down to reach the Site of Grace. Here you will see a stonesword door in front as shown below. Behind this door, you will find Flame, Protect Me incantation. Now go back and take the path on the left side as shown below.

After the hallway, there is an illusionary wall on the right side as shown below. Hit the illusionary wall to make it disappear.

Now go through the path revealed by making the wall disappear and jump down from the window on the left side at the end of the hallway. This will help you bypass many enemies.

After jumping down, you will see a golden seal on the ground as shown below. You can skip engaging with the enemies in this room, but if you do fight them, you can lure the shadow monsters to the golden seal to cause damage to them. After that, go through the door on the right side as shown below.

Here you will find a fire trap. Hide inside the nook on the right side to escape from the fire. In this nook, there will be an enemy. You can lure this enemy out from the nook and use the fire trap to kill it. You can hit the fire trap to disable it, but if you do so, the golden seal on the level above will also disappear. Do, it is advisable to not disable the fire trap. If you disable the fire trap, then enable it before leaving this room. Proceed ahead and climb up the stairs on the left side to leave this room.

After coming out from the fire trap room, turn around and climb up the stairs as shown below. Here, you will find another stonesword door. Use stonesword keys to open this door and go inside.

As you go inside, you will see a golden seal on the floor if you did not disable the fire trap before. If the fire trap is disabled, then you can shoot from the hole on the floor to activate it and make the seal appear. Proceed ahead to the next room and lure the shadow monsters to the golden seal to kill them. Now go inside the dark room ahead and collect Cranial Vessel Candlestand Warhammer.

Now turn back and go straight ahead and take the elevator down. In this room, you will see a broken stair. Jump on the candle on the right side to climb up the stair as shown below. Then go down the ladder on the left side.

Go to the east side of this room and climb up another ladder as shown below. This will take you to a secret miniboss as shown in the second picture below. In this room, you will find a Great Grave Glovewort and a Giant’s Seal.

Now trace back your path to reach the room with the broken staircase. On the north portion of this room, you will see the elevator from which you came down here. Get on this elevator and as it starts going up, quickly come back as shown below. This will make the elevator go up and a statue holding a torch will come out. This statue will project a golden seal on the floor as shown in the second picture below.

Now go to the easy=tern potion of this room, and pull the lever next to the door to open it as shown below. As this door will open, you will see a large giant ahead. Lure this giant back to the golden seal and kill it. When the gain dies, the door ahead will open automatically. Now proceed ahead and enter the door to reach the boss lair. Defeat the Ancient hero of Zamor boss and it will drop Zamor Curved Sword and Zamor Armor Set. This completes the dungeon.

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