Modvitnir’s Rig: All Collectible Locations | God of War Ragnarok

This guide will show you where to find all of the Collectibles in the area of “Modvitnir’s Rig” in God of War Ragnarok released on November 8th, 2022. There are 4 Collectibles in “Modvitnir’s Rig” which is part of the area of Svartalfheim.

1) Buried Treasure (Treasure Map – Fruits of Industry)

Note: For this treasure to spawn, first collect the Lore Scroll (Treasure Map) collectible in Svartalfheim > Alberich Hollow.

Sail up to the dock at Modvitnir’s Rig. Jump up the first ledge to find the Buried Treasure below the wooden structure.

2) Legendary Chest (Muspelheim Seed Half)

Climb to the wooden structure on the right.

Once you get on the platform, hit the golden circle by using your Leviathan Axe to turn the mechanism. This will open the gate.

Next, jump over the broken bridge on the other wooden structure. Climb up the structure to reach all the way to the top.

Legendary Chest is on top.

3) Lore (Lore Marker – Warning)

Swing over the gap from the top to reach another platform. Drop down on the right side to find a Lore. In case the grappling point is not nearby then hit the golden circles of the crane to rotate it. 

4) Mining Rig (Modvitnir’s Rig)

Throw the Leviathan Axe again (Two times) on the golden circle to turn the mechanism. This will bring the grappling point between you and the next platforms. Swing across the gap.

Climb up the chain to the top of the large rock. Defeat the big enemy and then go to the furnace to cut the metal and throw your axe inside to freeze it.

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