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God of War Ragnarok: Goddess Falls All Collectibles

This guide shows how to get all the collectibles in the Goddess Falls area of the Vanaheim region in God of War Ragnarok.

1) Lore (Lore Marker – Anything I Can Do)

After arriving in the area, climb up the wall on the left side. Then go inside the cave straight ahead to get the lore marker.

2) Odin’s Raven

From the lore location, go left and jump to the other side using the hook hanging from the branch. There you will see some red vines on the east side as shown in the picture below. Shoot a purple arrow at the vines and hit the arrow with your blade to burn the vines. Then jump across and stand in front of the red chest. Wait for the raven to fly over the chest. When it does, hit it with your axe.

3) Buried Treasure (Treasure Map – Under the Rainbow)

The buried treasure is on top of the waterfall as shown in the pictures below. Climb up the wall and then jump across the waterfall to reach the other side and get the buried treasure. You will be able to get it only if you have the Under the Rainbow treasure map.

4) Nornir Chest

The chest is on top of the waterfall at the location shown in the pictures below. To unlock the chest, you will have to light three torches.

Torch #1 is on the right side of the chest and Torch #2 is on the left side of the chest as shown in the picture above. Torch #3 is on the mountain on the opposite side of the chest as shown in the picture below. To light the torches, shoot purple arrows between the torch and to a point accessible by your blade. Then use your blade to hit a purple arrow and cause an explosion, lighting up the torch. Once you have lit up all three torches, the chest will be unlocked. Open the chest to get a Horn of Mead.

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