Goddess Statue of Power Quest Guide | Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

This article will guide you on how to complete the sidequest “Goddess Statue of Power” in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

Starting Location

To begin this quest, talk to the Goddess Statue of Power located near a waterfall ( spring ) in Tears of the Kingdom. This spot is situated between Ordorac Quarry and North Akkala Valley in the eastern part of the map. After finding the Goddess statue in the spring and speaking with it to commence the quest.

Interact with the Goddess Statue in this location, and she will request that you present Dinraal’s claw as an offering.

Where To Find Dinraal

Around 2:50 pm, Dinraal appears from the East Akkala Plains Chasm, situated south of the spring and east of the Sinatanika Shrine.

You can glide from the top of the Urli Mountain Skyview Tower toward the chasm to find the Dinraal. As Dinraal takes flight from the chasm, aim and shoot its claw with an arrow, then collect from the ground.

Afterward, go back to the Goddess Statue and submerge the claw in the water to offer it to the statue. The statue will express gratitude and request your assistance with another statue that remains.

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