Gotham Knights – All Secret Caches Locations | Bruce Wayne’s Hidden Audio Recordings

This guide shows where to find all the “Bruce Wayne’s Hidden Audio Recordings” in the game Gotham Knights. There are 12 Bruce Wayne’s Hidden Audio Recordings in the game. Finding all Audio Recordings unlocks the Gotham City Confidential trophy or achievement. There is a small time-trial challenge at each location.

In-game, these collectibles are known as “Secret Caches,” however in the trophy list, they are known as “Bruce Wayne’s Hidden Audio Recordings.” They are marked on the map by white Box Icons and become available after completing Main Case 01: Batman’s Last Case. Return to The Belfry (Headquarters) after collecting all of the available ‘Secret Caches’ to generate more. 

  • #1 appears following Case 01.
  • After locating #1 and returning to The Belfry, spawns #2-5.
  • After locating #2-5 and returning to The Belfry, spawns #6-#9.
  • After finding #6-#9 and returning to The Belfry, #10-#12 spawn.

#1 Secret Cache – Financial District (after Main Case 01)

#2 Secret Cache – Financial District

#3 Secret Cache – The Cauldron

#4 Secret Cache – Southside

#5 Secret Cache – Old Gotham

#6 Secret Cache – Tricorner Island

#7 Secret Cache – Bowery

#8 Secret Cache – Otisburg

#9 Secret Cache – West End

#10 Secret Cache – Gotham Heights

#11 Secret Cache – Bristol

#12 Secret Cache – Bristol

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