Gourmet Supremos Assemble: Special Sakura Bloom | Inazuma World Quest | Genshin Impact 2.0

‘Gourmet Supremos Assemble’ is a world quest in the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact 2.0. This article shows how to get The ‘Gourmet Supremos Assemble’ world quest, where to find the special Sakura Bloom and the reward for completing the quest.

How to start Gourmet Supremos Assemble World Quest

You will get the ‘Gourmet Supremos Assemble’ world quest by talking to 3 NPCs (Xudong, Julie & Parvanesh) on the beach northeast of Konda Village in Narukami island at the location as shown in the picture below.

You run into a group that calls themselves the Gourmet Supremos on the outskirts of Inazuma. They want to collect some Sakura Blooms, but a strange barrier is keeping them out. According to one of them, Parvanesh, you need to first find and touch something called a Thunder Sakura Bough in order to get through the barrier.

Collect the Special Sakura Bloom

After you have finished talking to the NPCs you will get the objective to collect the special Sakura Bloom. Special Sakura Bloom is behind a barrier nearby. Summon Electrogranum from the plant near the barrier, this will allow you to cross the barrier (See the picture below). Inside the barrier collect the special Sakura Bloom.

After you have the special Sakura Bloom bring it back to the NPCs. This will start a cutscene and the quest will be complete and a new word quest ‘The Gourmet Supremos: Of Shrines and Sakura’ will start.


Adventure Experience: 150 EXP
Primogens x 20
Mora x 25000
Delicious Sakura Tempura x 3
Sakura Tempura Recipe x 1

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