Great Mine Cart Puzzle Solution | Honkai: Star Rail

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to pass Honkai Star Rail’s Senior Cart Operator test and complete the Great Mine Cart Puzzle in the game Honkai: Star Rail.

Pass Senior Cart Operator test – Part 1

This quest is divided into three segments, each with three separate and progressively more challenging puzzles. The basic approach is always the same: switch the track directions such that empty carts go to blue stop areas and loaded mine carts go to yellow stop areas.

Interact with the switch near the Space Anchor to change the track near so it leads to the blue stop. After that, head to the second switch by the mine cart and interact with it again.

Push the cart after constructing the correct path for it. Return to the Chief Cart Operator to collect your reward.

Pass Senior Cart Operator Test– Part 2

Push the loaded mine cart forward until it comes to a stop.

Change the track near the loaded cart (near Space Anchor) to the yellow stop, as indicated in the figure.

Push the loaded mine to the yellow stop sign.

Alter the track near the Space Anchor to direct it towards the yellow stop, and adjust the track near the empty mine cart accordingly. You need to change both the switch.

Push the empty mine cart after constructing the path. Return to the Chief Cart Operator to collect your reward.

Pass Senior Cart Operator Test– Part 3

In the final puzzle of Part 1 of “Night on the Great Mine,” you will be introduced to the task of loading ore onto your cart. You need to load the cart first and then move the cart to its final destination (yellow stop).

Move the cart ahead in the direction of the uncolored stop.

Alter the track close to the unmarked/uncolored stop in a manner that guides it towards the ore.

Push the cart and load the ore.

Move the loaded mine cart to the uncolored stop.

Adjust the track near the uncolored stop to redirect the loaded cart back to its starting position, close to the Space Anchor.

Change the direction of the track located near the Space Anchor to guide the cart toward the yellow stop.

Finally, proceed to push the cart towards the yellow stop.

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