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There are four types of collectibles in the Green Needle Gulch real-world hub. The types of collectibles are Supply Chests, Supply Chest Keys, PSI Challenge Markers, and PSI Challenge Cards. This article shows the location of all the collectibles and how to get them in the Green Needle Gulch Area.

Supply Chests & Supply Chest Keys
PSI Challenge Markers
PSI Challenge Cards

Supply Chests & Supply Chest Keys

Compton’s Menagerie

Secret Supply Key #1
It is located near the animal pens in Compton’s Menagerie. Use Clairvoyance on the beaver to find the key location. 

Supply Chest #1
It is located near the animal pens in Compton’s Menagerie. Found near the base of the mountain, on a platform before the net.

Bob’s Greenhouse

Secret Supply Key #2
When halfway on the large creeper you need to cross two VENUS FLYTRAP plants. After crossing those flytrap plants ook to your right for a trepeze. Jump to it and reach the platform on the other side. You can find the Supply Chest Key there.

Cassie’s Hives

Supply Chest #2
The Supply Chest is located in Cassie’s house. Using Raz’s Telekinesis, grab the smoker at the bottom of the hill and head to Cassie’s hives. Head to the top floor, and look for a locked door. Use Projection on her locked bedroom door to unlock and find the Chest.

PSI Challenge Markers

Psychoisolation Chamber

#1 PSI Challenge Marker
PSI Challenge Marker is inside the Psychoisolation Chamber, right near the large vine. To get it you need to open the Psychoisolation Chamber in Green Needle Gulch which is accessible by flipping the switches in the order specified on the panel near the door into the chamber. Here is the correct order: Lever with 1 seagull, Lever with 2 seagulls, Lever with 3 seagulls

Helmut’s Stage

#2 PSI Challenge Marker
It is inside a locked outhouse near the Heptadome. As you follow the path filled with honey, you will find the outhouse on the left side. Use Projection on it to open the door and grab the Marker.

#3 PSI Challenge Marker
Found on top of the broken treehouse before the path to Cassie’s hive. Use the creeper on the tree trunk to get to Ford’s Office roof, then use the Thought Scanner to reveal the nodes that will take you to the PSI Challenge Marker.

Ford’s Office

#4 PSI Challenge Marker
After you exit Nona’s River House. Use a Thought Tuner on the bridge outside to create a path of Mental Connection nodes. It will reveal several nodes that allow you to reach the hollowed-out log in the distance. 

PSI Challenge Card

There are a total of 27 PSI Challenge Cards in the Green Needle Gulch Area. Check the video below to see their locations.

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