Green Needle Gulch: Supply Chest & Key Locations | Psychonauts 2

There are four types of collectibles in the Green Needle Gulch real-world hub. The types of collectibles are Supply Chests, Supply Chest Keys, PSI Challenge Markers, and PSI Challenge Cards. This article shows the location of all the Supply Chest & Key Locations and how to get them in the Green Needle Gulch Area.

Supply Chests & Supply Chest Keys

Compton’s Menagerie

Supply Chest Key #1
The Supply Chest Key is located near the animal pens in Compton’s Menagerie. Use Clairvoyance on the beaver to find the key location.  Clairvoyance is to see through other people or animal eyes. The Secret

Supply Chest #1
It is located near the animal pens in Compton’s Menagerie. The supply Chest is placed near the base of the mountain, on a platform before the net. I have attached a screenshot for reference.

Bob’s Greenhouse

Supply Chest Key #2
When halfway on the large creeper you need to cross two VENUS FLYTRAP plants. After crossing those flytrap plants look to your right for a trepeze. Jump to it and reach the platform on the other side. You can find the Supply Chest Key placed on top of a table. Check the attached image for refernce.

Cassie’s Hives

Supply Chest #2
The Supply Chest is located in Cassie’s house. Using Raz’s Telekinesis, grab the smoker at the bottom of the hill and head to Cassie’s hives. Head to the top floor, and look for a locked door. Use Projection on her locked bedroom door to unlock and find the Chest.

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