Guardians of the Galaxy: Chapter 12 – All Collectibles Guide: Outfits, Archive, Guardian, Compendium

This guide shows the location of all the collectibles in Chapter 12 of Guardians of the Galaxy. There are 14 collectibles in Chapter 12 ( 5 Outfit, 1 Guardian Collectibles, 6 Archives, and 2 Compendium).

#1 – Galactic Compendium Item: Mourning Candle

This item is only available if you found it in Chapter 10. While on your spaceship, go to Drax’s room to find it near a photo frame. Complete all dialogues with Drax to add this to your Compendium Items.

#2 – Galactic Compendium Item: Meditation Stone

This item is only available if you found it in Chapter 10. While on your spaceship, go to Gamora’s room to find this item on the right side above the drawers. Complete all dialogues with Gamora to add this to your Compendium Items.

#3 – Outfit – Drax: Thanos Imperative

After defeating the first wave of enemies in chapter 12, you will find a pillar in the center of the area. Command Drax to move the pillar so that you can climb to the top of the platform. A purple chest is available at the top of the platform.

#4 – Archive: Knowhere Safe

Climb back down from the last collectible location and follow the other guardians. This archive is located on the left side of the path, before proceeding to the large round elevator. I have attached an image for reference.

#5 – Archive: A Prophetic Convergence

Use the big round elevator to reach the burning marketplace area. You will find the archive lying on the ground inside a small stall on the right side. I have attached an image for reference.

#6 – Outfit – Rocket: The Smuggler

After defeating a group of enemies in the same burning marketplace area, you’re supposed to squeeze through a gap. Before squeezing through the wall turn to the right side, and use your Wind Element gun to pull a wall. Outfit chest is available behind the wall.

#7 – Archive: Egghead Reviews: That’s More Like It

After collecting the previous item, squeeze through the gap. On the other side, use your wind gun to pull down a wall blocking a gate. Now command Gamora to jump on a wall and lift you up so that you can reach to another side of the gate to open it for your fellow Guardians. After you open the gate, look to your left to find this Collectible place of crates.

#8 – Archive: Reply: Missing Persons Report

Interact with the next barricade to push it aside, after getting the last collectible. Then continue straight until you see five vending machines. This archive is lying on the floor in front of the first vending machine as shown in the image.

#9 – Guardian Collectible: Glarnot Mask

From the previous location, slide down the ramp left of the vending machines. Once you reach the bottom turn around and climb up the yellow ledges and you’ll see green-colored toxic gas ahead leaking from a pipe. Use Ice guns to freeze the leaks of the pipe. After that Jump on the platform where the poison was to collect Guardian Collectible.

#10 – Outfit – Groot: Impaler

Go back to vending machines where you got “#8 – Archive“. Command Gamora to cut through the nearby wires and then cross two ledges. In the new area, look left of Drax to find a green wind-element part of a wall. Use your wind guns to pull it out, then command Groot to make a bridge. Cross to the other side and follow the tunnel to reach a locked gate. Shoot the panel above the locked door and use an electric element gun to open the door. In the next hall, shoot the vent on the left and command Rocket to go through it to turn off the electricity in the water. You will find the Outfit chest on the right side of the area.

#11 – Outfit – Gamora: Casual Kill

Later in the game, you’ll have to ask Drax to make a hole in the ground open to slide down a slope. I have attached a screenshot of it. When you get to the bottom, turn around 180° and you’ll see an opening in the rubble where you can crouch. On the other side, you’ll find a purple container containing this Costume collectible.

#12 – Outfit – Star-Lord: Apocalypse-Lord

After rescuing Cosmo, you’ll eventually find yourself fighting enemies on a sandy arena as shown in the image below. You’ll have to command Drax to move a big pillar to proceed further. Instead of following the main path to the left, keep going straight till you get to a scratched wall. Here command Gamora to climb up the wall and give you a lift to jump to the platform on the right. At the end of the platform awaits the chest.

#13 – Archive: Investigating the Hand

Not very far away from the last location. Drop down from the last location and continue on the main path. Instead of going down the stairs, activate your visor vision and look right to find a platform Groot can interact with. Stand on the platform and command Groot to lift it all the way up and you find this item on a crate near blue barrels.

#14 – Archive: Investigating the Hand

From the last collectible, join other guardians near the stairs. As you come down the stairs it will break in the middle. Jump down the broken stairs and then check the immediate left corner for this archive. 

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