Guide Guoba and Yuegui to obtain the Fowl in Stage 7 | Genshin Impact

This article will show you how to Guide Guoba and Yuegui to obtain the Fowl together in the Paper Shadows A-Foraging stage 7 for Genshin Impact’s Lantern Rite 2024.

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Guide Guoba and Yuegui to obtain the Fowl together 

In the seventh stage of Paper Shadows A-Foraging, you must assist Guoba and Yuegui in obtaining the Fowl. Guoba and Yuegui have 5 steps each to reach the Fowl.

Step 1

Use Yuegui to push Guoba one cell to the left. Then move Guoba to get the key.

Step 2

Make Yuegui to the starting position and then use Guoba to push Yuegui one cell to the right.

Move Yuegui to get the key.

Step 3

Finally, guide Yuegui and Guoba to reach the fowl. This will finish the quest.

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