Guide Yuegui to obtain Fowl in Stage 3 | Genshin Impact

This article will show you how to Guide Yuegui to collect the Fowl in the Paper Shadows A-Foraging stage 3 for Genshin Impact’s Lantern Rite 2024.

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How to Guide Yuegui to Obtain Fowl

In the third stage of Paper Shadows A-Foraging, you must assist Yuegui in gathering the fowl. In the third stage, the ingredient’s path is locked and requires a key to unlock the path. Also, there are just five steps, and you can’t collect the key directly, but you can get it by pushing the crate on it.

Step 1

Push the wooden crate from the left side. Follow the path shown below. This will help you to reach the key and unlock the path to fowl.

Step 2

Backtrack to regain your moves and this time directly to the fowl.

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