Gumquack Hollow: Area Objectives location in Biomutant (How to Guide)

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Gumquack Hollow: Puzzles & Area Objectives | Biomutant Walkthrough

When you arrive at the marked location, it will appear to be a cave with a blocked entrance. Approach the blocked entrance to get a prompt button. Use the button prompt to lash the entrance with a rope and then pull down the blockage.

Proceed through the tunnel here until you reach the end of the water. Climb the nearby ladder and head to the right. Interact with the power box. Here you will get a new type of puzzle – Cable Connect.

Cable Connect Puzzle Gumquack Hollow: Biomutant

Each slot has Xs and a few have Xs and -Xs. There are three cables, and these are inserted into two slots each. The sum of all the Xs interacting with cables is represented by the green row of Xs at the bottom. We need to get the green line to match the grey line of Xs below by moving the cables around.

Once you complete the puzzle a nearby fan will come to halt. Proceed into the tunnel behind this and then go left. Use Klonkfist on the weak section of the wall to break it.

Dropdown into the shallow pool and fight with Huggel. Dodge Huggel’s rolling attack and tail whips. After that catch five Gumquacks (rubber ducks). Use the net and hit the interact button when you are close to catching them.

Now, head toward the marked side (or eastern side) of the room. Break the glass locker to collect a Bulletspinno Pjupejector

Head through the tunnel and when you reach the stairs, look to the right to locate a Googlide Wrekbox.

Climb the stairs and look for a cabinet to find Superb Loot. 

Head through the door to find Bioblob container. Also, interact with glass locker beside it for a Sprinkler Smicksharper

To continue, use the powerbox opposite for a Rotation Puzzle. Complete the puzzle to open the nearby door. Return to the Googlide and exit the area.

Head to Subnautica Station once again to speak with Goop. He will let you know that the Googlide is now ready to take on the Porky Puff.

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