Gust with Gusto Request: New Pokemon Snap

How to Clear Gust with Gusto Request | New Pokemon Snap


    • Visit Elsewhere Forest at research level 3. 
    • Reach spring forest by not interacting with anything in the first area. As soon as you enter the spring forest start looking for Shiftry on the right. Shiftry is sleeping atop one of the trees on the right side. 
    • Hit it with a fluffruit to wake it up. It will start jumping from tree to tree. 
    • Hit it with Illumina Orb when it jumps on the 3rd tree. 
    • Shiftry will then climb a tree that has a Crystalbloom near its base. 
    • Illuminate the crystalbloom with an orb after Shiftry climbs that tree. 
    • Shiftry will then make a blizzard of petals. Snap a photo of Shiftry doing that to fulfil the request. 

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