Head for the Ballroom | Resident Evil 4 Remake Walkthrough

This article will guide you through all the objectives of Chapter 9 of the game Resident Evil 4 Remake which is released on 24 March 2023.

Head for the ballroom

As you begin the chapter, you’ll meet up with Ashley again in a room that overlooks the castle’s courtyard. Make your way outside and descend the stairs leading to the courtyard.

Your primary objective in the castle’s courtyard is to locate and activate the Flag Tower Levers, which will grant you access to the Ballroom. To achieve this, you must navigate through a maze filled with enemies and search for the three levers that lower the flags.


Go down the stairs and then to the left to reach the first tower in the central area. Climb the tower nearby and pull the switch to raise the flag. 


Descend from Tower-1 (Lever-2) and follow the left-hand path. To navigate through the entire maze and reach Tower-2 (Lever-2), check the map below for guidance. It provides a comprehensive overview of the maze area.


Proceed south from Tower-2 to reach a locked door that can be unlocked. Follow the path indicated on the map to the southwest corner.

Instruct Ashley to hold the switch that opens the gate on the opposite side, and then make your way around while she keeps it held.

This will enable you to ascend to the upper level and reach the ultimate destination, Tower-3. Once all three levers have been pulled to lower the flags, the entrance to the Grand Hall will be unlocked. Drop down and quickly run back to Ashley, as most of these enemies are rushing over to try and grab her. Finally, depart through the eastern path to enter the Grand Hall.

Keep moving to the east in the Grand Hall until you arrive at the Headless Statue. From there, pass through the left-hand doorway to enter the dining hall.

Serpent Head

After arriving in the dining hall, a puzzle must be solved to retrieve the Serpent Head from its cage. To achieve this, both you and Ashley must take a seat at the tables depicted in the portraits of the king and queen and ring the bell.

Observe the two paintings located at the far end of the hall to obtain a hint for this puzzle. The queen is depicted sitting at a table that has two sets of silverware, an empty plate, and an empty glass. The portrait of the king, on the other hand, shows him seated at a table with three sets of silverware, a glass and a wine jug, and a plate of bread.

Instruct Ashley to take a seat at the dining place of the queen, as indicated below. She should occupy the second chair on the right-hand side, while you sit in the last chair on the left.

Then ring the bell and the Serpent Head will be unlocked.

Lion Head

Return to the Grand Hall and go up the stairs to the upper level. Proceed into the room on the right to enter the Armory.

Descend to the lower level and retrieve the Lion Head Key Item from the statue situated in the center of the room. Defeat the armor enemies.

Move beneath the area where Ashley is positioned to catch her, and then interact with the two statues to unlock the exit from the room to return to the Grand Hall.

Goat Head

Return to the Grand Hall and go up the stairs to the upper level. Proceed into the room on the left to reach the “Gallery” area.

As you attempt to approach the goat head, an enemy will pull a lever situated on the adjacent balcony to lower the path into the ground. Defeat the summoner and other opponents, and ascend a ladder that leads to the balcony where the lever is located.

Pull the lever to raise the path back to its original position. Return to the entrance and cross the path to the other side to acquire the last head. Now make your way back to the Grand Hall and place the 3 heads on the statue.

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