Heisenberg’s Factory Walkthrough – Resident Evil 8 Village

How to Reach Heisenberg’s Factory?


Place all four Rose’s flasks into the altar next to the Duke. You will get a Giant’s Chalice and a new objective.

Follow the flames through the Lone Road to the Ceremony Site and place Giant’s Chalice on the Stone Dias. In the cutscene, a new bridge will appear and the pedestal will lower. After cutscene across the bridge and enter Heisenberg’s factory.


Inside the garage, go through the door on the left and down the stairs.

Go left at the bottom, then to the right to reach a new room. Interact with the table curtain to trigger a cutscene

After regaining control, run forward then take a right. When you hit the dead end, jump into the hole in the wall.

From scrap-pit make your way to the ladder. Deal with Lycans and enter the duct at the far end. Once you come out in the open, go right to meet Duke inside an elevator. (Current location is B4)


Go through the door next to the Duke. Break the lock on the door and take the stairs up to B3. Here you will find a lift with no enough power. 

 Continue the journey and down the stairs to reach foundry.


From the foundry, Go through the stairs on the north (left) wall to reach a new room. In the backroom open the case to pick Relief Mold. When the monster in the chair springs to life, shoot it in the heart.

Head back to the Foundry room. Place the Relief Mold in the casting machine to make Relief of a Horse. Place the Relief of a Horse on the right wall (Hole in Wall) of the foundry to open a secret passage.

Take the stairs up to enter the Engine Room. At the far end climb the ladder and pass through the duck. Follow the corridor ( also, unlock the door back to the casting machine/foundry on left) to reach the backup generator. 

You need to find a missing clog. Go around to the right, then up the stairs. Shoot the two red bulbs on the door to unlock it and grab the Cog Mold from the trunk.

Head back to the Foundry room. Place the Cog Mold in the casting machine to make a Large Cog. Take it back to the generator to turns on the power. This will lock you in the room.

To escape, look in front of you from the generator lever. There’s a new path open to follow now. Follow the linear path and fight through multiple enemies on the way. Go two levels up and reach the console which turns the elevator power. 

Climb up the ladder to the right and follow the linear path to reach the grinder. Shoot the four red lights around its base.

Climb the ladder to cross the grinder rim and go upstairs to reach the next room. Head to the Ventilation Room and shoot the red light on the ventilation shaft before it sucks you.

Past the Ventilation fan and drop onto the pipe to make your way to the other side. Take the elevator and through the corridor to reach a new room and collect Key Mold from the trunk.

Exit the room from the other door and take the ladder, and through the ramp to reach the elevator console.

Use the elevator to go down to B4 level and into the forge room. Put the Key mold into the casting machine to make Heisenburg’s Key. Head back to level B1 using the elevator.

Here first you will meet fan man. This is the only location where you can beat him. Dodge when he charges to crash him on the wall and shoot at his exposed back.

Continue walking through the corridor till you meet Heisenburg and the cutscene starts here.

After cutscene you have to play as Chris.

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