Heisenberg’s Factory Labyrinth Puzzle | Resident Evil 8 Village

Where to find the Ball Mold

Here you can’t find the Ball directly instead you need to make the ball.


    • Pick the Ball Mold in a room that you can access from the Grinder Shaft via the tunnel. This is a Level B2.
    • After crossing Grinder Shaft, take the stairs on the left to reach a room.
    • You can see a cart near a wall blocking the entrance to a tunnel. Push the cart and reach the secret room.
    • Pick the Ball Mold from a suitcase.

Level MB4 – At Foundry. Place the mold into the smelter, and you’ll finally get the “Iron Horse Ball”.

Labyrinth is located inside a room near Duke’s shop at Level MB4. Crack the puzzle to get a Bister Skull

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