Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – The Movie – All cutscenes

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00:00 – Into scene
07:11 – The river of knives
08:28 – Druth Intro (Senua learned Norse God mythology from him, which she experiences throughout the game in the form of flashback and Lorestones)
09:57 – Senua tries to open the Gate to the Helheim
12:13 – Rot mechanism explained
15:37 – Druth Flashbacks
17:01 – Remembering Dillion before Facing Surtr (The god of fire).
19:07 – Cutscene after killing Surtr
21:00 – Cutscene before Bossfight with Valravn, The god of illusion
23:15 – Cutscene after killing Valravn
24:54 – Opening the outer gate to Helheim
29:59 – Crossing the bridge on the river of knives (hela’s Intro. Supreme God of Hel)
33:20 – Waking up after being defeated by Hela
35:08 – The happy place ( Senua’s flashback of the good times)
35:44 – Flashback (Senua’s first meeting with Dillion)
38:35 – Senua tries to take the Sword Gramr. Need to complete the trials of Odin to reforge Gramr.
40:09 – Labyrinth shard trial (Story of Tyrfing)
40:53 – Completing the first trial (Senua’s father flashback)
43:09 – Tower shard trial (Story of Baldr)
43:55 – Completing the second trial
45:36 – Swamp shard trial (Story of plague)
46:21 – Completing the third trial (Senua’s father flashback)
48:19 – Blindness shard trial (Story of Odin)
49:42 – Completing the fourth trial
51:01 – Forging of the sword Gramr. Senua sent to the sea of corpses.
52:51 – Senua remembers her mother after crossing the sea of corpses
55:15 – cutscene after coming out of the sea of corpses. Now senua has to cross Fenrir’s lair to reach Hela
55:52 – Senua sees her mother Galena (Only Illusion) in Fenrir’s Lair in Hel
57:08 – Senua looses dillions head/skull
58:58 – Cutscene before Bossfight with Fenrir, Guard of the Helheim.
59:58 – Killing Fenrir and the cutscene after
01:02:59 – Senua’s dilemma before entering the portal to reach Hela
01:04:08 – Cutscene as Senua reaches Hela’s sanctum
01:07:33 – Senua’s father’s flashback in-between the final battle with Hela
01:08:37 – The Ending

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Walkthrough

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