Hereafter: All is Well World Quest | Genshin Impact

This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the “Hereafter: All is Well” world quest in Genshin Impact 2.4. In this quest, Wang Ping’an wants to renovate Pervases’ temple. You will be able to unlock it after completing the Hereafter: The Trail Of Pervases (Day 1), which will appear automatically if you go near Chef Mao (Wanmin Restaurant). You will have to wait until the next server reset time for this quest Hereafter: All is Well (Day 2) to become available.

Talk to Wang Ping’an

As the quest start, your first objective is to speak with Wang Ping’an. You can find Wang Ping’an west off Liyue Harbour in Tevyat as marked in the below image. Head to the nearest teleport waypoint and speak with Wang Ping’an inside an old hut. He will tell you to protect the delivery route from treasure holders.

Defeat all the treasure holders

Head southwest from the previous location as marked on the below map and defeat all the treasure holders. After defeating, speak with the treasure holder’s boss.

Report back to Wang Ping’an

Head back and speak with Wang Ping’an. He will ask you this time to get him some Sandbearer Wood.

Give Wang Ping’an the Sandbearer Wood

Give 12 x Sandbearer Wood to Wang Ping’an to complete the quest.

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