Heretical Rise Puzzle: Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen | Elden Ring

  • Post published:March 7, 2022
  • Post category:Elden Ring

This guide shows how to solve the puzzle in the sealed Heretical Rise tower in Elden Ring. By solving this puzzle, you will be able to get the Founding rain of Stars spell.

You will find the Heretical Rise tower in the Mountaintops of the Giants at the location shown in the pictures below.

You will find the door of the tower sealed. Reading the book at the bottom of the tower says “Falling snow mark something unseen”. The puzzle refers to an invisible bridge, which the Dark Souls players might be familiar with.

Ride to the top of the mountain in front of the tower to reach the invisible bridge. The location of the bridge is marked on the map posted above. Walk on the bridge till almost the tower as shown in the pictures below. You can shoot an arrow ahead to see whether the bridge has ended or not.

After the bridge ends, walk on the invisible spiral stairway to reach the tower. as shown in the pictures below. Once you are in the tower, make your way to the top. There you will get the Founding rain of Stars spell by opening the chest.

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