How to Complete High Voltage Side Quest: Biomutant Walkthrough

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Biomutant: High Voltage Side Quest | Klick - Pull The Lever to Activate The Power

How to get the Quest

Talk with Klick at Anywhere, It is located northeast of Murkadorpus outpost. Select the option “I suppose it’s worth the risk.” to start the quest.

Biomutant: High Voltage Side Quest

  1. Head to the substation marked on the map once the quest is initiated. The substation is located at Zapstation northeast of “Anywhere” ( X= -32425, Y=-81313)
  2.  Once you are at the substation, Flip the switch of the generator to produce super-heated glowy air and it will form lighting on the ground.
  3. You will be electrocuted while using the lever. However, but this will not affect your health points.

4. When the violet color lighting (electricity ) forms on the ground you need to stand on top of the moving electricity. 

5. This moving electricity will keep on getting smaller and smaller. Press whatever prompt it tells you to press.

6. Go back up to the substation and pull the lever again. It will shock you again. Then run and step on top of the moving electricity again where ever it appears on the ground. 

7. It keeps getting smaller again and you need to follow and stay on it. Press whatever prompt it tells you to press again.

8. A huge enemy will emerge from the ground. You need to fight with it before going to the substation for the third time.

9. You have to repeat these steps three times to complete the quest. The enemy will appear on the second try only.

Back to Klick

After getting the power back, head to Klick. You will receive an upgrade to the Klonkfist from the Old World.

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