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This guide shows the complete walkthrough of Highroad Cave, with all the items and secrets in it.

How to reach Highroad Cave

Highroad Cave is on the northern portion of Limgrave as shown in the picture below. Jump down from the Saintsbridge and follow the river to the north. You will find the cave entrance on the cliff wall as shown in the pictures below.

Highroad Cave Walkthrough

This cave is very dark. It is highly advisable that you bring a torch with you to the cave. After entering the cave, go ahead and jump down the hole on the ground. Proceed ahead and you will reach another hole on the ground. Inside a cave on the right side in this area, you will find a Golden Rune [1]. Then jump down the hole in the ground as shown below.

Proceed ahead through the tunnel in the north direction. You will reach a camp with a couple of wolves. From here, you can either go straight or break the barrels on the left side and take the path on the left side. I would advise taking the left path as you will find Arteria Leaf on this path.

After collecting Arteria Leaf, jump down and go straight ahead. Soon you will reach an open area with two waterfalls. Go left and jump on top of the waterfall as shown below. After jumping to the first platform, you can collect Smithing Stone [1] there. Then jump to the top of the waterfall and go inside the cave behind it, where you will find Smithing Stone [2] and Golden Rune [4].

Come out from the cave and go down to the rock underneath the waterfall as shown below. There is no need to jump. Simply walk off the edge of the waterfall to land on the rock. From there, climb up the broken pillar ahead to reach the central platform, where you will find Shamshir curved sword.

On the south side of the central platform, you will see a waterfall as shown below. The boss lair is behind this waterfall. You can directly go to the boss lair from here, or take another path in which you will find an extra item.

From the central platform, jump on the ground on the east side as shown below then proceed ahead inside the tunnel.

The tunnel will lead you to a room with a giant octopus as shown below. You don’t need to fight the giant octopus. Go through the path on the right side of the giant octopus.

This path will lead you to a corpse, with a Furcalling Finger Remedy on it. Then go left, drop down, and go to the cave behind the waterfall as shown below. This will lead you to the boss lair. Defeat the Guardian Golem boss to get Blue Dancer Charm.

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