Higi Village Relay Stone Puzzle | Genshin Impact 2.0 (Inazuma Guide)

There is a relay stone puzzle near the waterfall in Yashiori Island’s Higi Village of Genshin Impact 2.0 (Inazuma Region). Solving the relay stone puzzle will grant you access to an Exquisite Chest. This walkthrough will show you the location and solution of the relay stone puzzle in Yashiori Island’s HIGI VILLAGE.

How to solve Relay Stone Puzzles?

A relay stone puzzle has 3 components:
DISCHARGE STONE (DS): Shoots a harmless electric current.
CUMULATION STONE (CS): Absorbs the electrical energy from Discharge Stone.
RELAY STONES (RS): Conducts the current released by Discharge Stone.
To solve the puzzle you must complete the circuit: the current from Discharge Stone must reach the Cumulation Stone. You’ll have to use the relay stones to complete the circuit. There will be multiple relay stones in the area which can be picked-up and positioned anywhere. To solve the puzzle, you must position the relay stones in such a way that the current released from Discharge Stone reaches the Cumulation Stone. After the circuit is complete, an exquisite chest will appear and its loot will be yours. [NOTE: Electro-Seelie can also act as relay stone. Your character, if affected by Electro, can also act as relay stone.]

Higi Village Relay Stone Puzzle

Check the images below to see the location and solution of this relay stone puzzle. There is a Discharge Stone (DS) and a Cumulation Stone (CS) here. 5 things are needed to complete the circuit between DS and CS: 3 Electro-Seelie, 1 Relay Stone and YOU (acting as conductor).
Between the DS and CS, there are 3 stones with swords above them. These 3 swords must have to be affected with electro so that they start acting as a conductor. All you need to do is find 3 Electro-Seelie and chase them to these swords. Once an Electro-Seelie gets near the sword it will automatically attach to it making it a conductor.
ELECTRO-SEELIE #1: Its near the cumulation stone. Start chasing it and bring it towards one of the swords.
ELECTRO-SEELIE #2: Its near the discharge stone. Chasing it towards one of the swords.
ELECTRO-SEELIE #3: Its hidden behind the tree above the waterfall. Climb-up and chase it to one the swords.
RELAY STONE: Its near the waterfall. Pick it up and place it between the Discharge Stone and the first Electro-Seelie affected sword.
YOU (as conductor): Get near an Electro-Seelie to get yourself affected by Electro and then stand between the third sword and Cumulation Stone to complete the circuit. The exquisite chest will spawn above the rock near the cumulation stone.

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