Hiromi’s Watch | Genshin Impact 2.0 (World Quest Guide)

Hiromi’s Watch is a World Quest in Inazuma in Genshin Impact 2.0. This walkthrough will guide you through all the objectives and puzzles in Hiromi’s Watch.

How to start the Quest?

Talk to the Kanjou Commision Officer Hiromi to start the quest. Hiromi is at the beach on the western side of Inazuma City. He won’t give you the quest the first time you talk to him. When you talk to him the second time, he will talk about drifting bottles. Then you can open up your inventory and show him someone’s drifting bottle after which he’ll give you the quest.
NOTE: You need a drifting bottle to start the quest. If you don’t have a drifting bottle, Hiromi won’t be present there. There are three drifting bottles. Scroll down to check the locations of the three drifting bottles.

Where to find Someone’s Drifting Bottle?

There are THREE drifting bottles which can be found in the southeast part of Dragonspine. I’ve marked the locations on the map (check the image below), but only Bottle #1 can be picked-up.

Go to the north of Narukami Island to find traces of Kazu

Kazu is at the beach in northeast Araumi. You may have to jump from the cliff and glide down to the beach. You’ll find Kazu standing near a tent and a boat. Talk to him to complete the objective.

Go to Jueyun Karst to search for Sun Yu and Little Que’er

Sun Yu and Little Que’er are in the Huaguang Stone Forest (south of Mt. Aocang) near a hanging wooden bridge. Sun Yu is standing near the cliff and Little Que’er is sitting inside the tent. Talk to them to complete the objective.

Go to Mt. Hulao to search for traces of “Big Sis”

The next objective is near Mt. Hulao. You’ll see a very big hole (crater) just north of Mt. Hulao. Glide down in to the huge crater and destroy the orange-colored amber at its bottom, after which Yan’er will appear. Talk to het to complete the objective.

Rescue Yan’er

Use the wind current and glide-up to get out of the big hole. Go to the marked location just outside the big hole to rescue Yan’er.

Go back and find Hiromi

Go back to Hiromi and talk to him to complete the quest. Hiromi is at the beach on northern side of Ritou.

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