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Hollis’ Classroom is the second mental level in Psychonauts 2. There are five types of collectibles here: Figments, Emotional Baggage, Memory Vaults, Half-A-Minds, and Nuggets of Wisdom. This article shows the location of all the collectibles and how to get them.

Hollis’ Classroom Emotional Baggage (2)

Emotional Baggage is collectibles in Psychonauts 2 that can be found in the Mental Levels. These are the person’s emotional baggage, which is represented as various types of bags, all of which cry relentlessly. For each baggage, you will find a matching tag. Reunite the tag with its corresponding bag to resolve an emotional issue.

Steamer Trunk

Tag: Steamer Trunk Tag can be found in the classroom at the very beginning of the level. The moment you enter Hollis’ mind by talking to her, you’ll be inside the classroom. Tag is sitting on top of a desk. You just need to jump over to the other row in the classroom to collect it.

After collecting the tag progress ahead in the level, and you will eventually reach the entrance of a hospital.

Steamer Trunk Emotional Baggage is located on the hospital’s rooftop. Use the Mental Connection ability to reach the roof of the hospital’s entrance from the front area of the hospital building. The Steamer Trunk Emotional Baggage can be found behind the pipe on the roof.

Hat Box

Hollis’ Classroom’s Hatbox tag is on the hospital’s rooftop. Use the Mental Connection ability to reach the roof of the hospital’s entrance from the hospital’s front area. A metal vent can be found in the corner opposite the pipes. Tag is placed on top of a vent, which you must climb onto in order to grab.

The Hatbox can be found outside the hospital, near a garbage box in the righthand corner. Return to the ground floor after collecting the tag from the rooftop, and look for the Hatbox near a green garbage box.

Hollis’ Classroom Memory Vault (1)

Memory Vaults are a type of collectible item in Psychonauts 2. It has the shape of a cute little pig-like safe. Each mind has two or fewer Memory Vaults running around. You can attack Memory Vaults with a melee attack only to reveal a slideshow with a backstory on the character whose mind you are currently inside.

Hollis’ Classroom Memory Vault

Brain Level: Hollis’ Classroom
The Hollis’ Classroom Memory Vault is in the Emergency Room of the hospital where you encounter Half-A-Mind for the first time. Used Mental Connection to open the vault to the next room, you’ll see the Memory Vault in the corridor. Enter the open vaults to locate Memory Vault. 

Hollis’ Classroom Nuggets of Wisdom (3)

Nugget of Wisdom are collectibles that you will find in the Mental Worlds. They give you Intern Credits, which allows you to upgrade your Psychic Powers.

Hollis’ Classroom: Nugget of Wisdom 1/3

This one is in the starting area in Hollis’ Classroom. Nugget of Wisdom is on a platform in from of the platform with the “Disgust” thought bubble.

Hollis’ Classroom: Nugget of Wisdom 2/3

It is behind the bushed near the palm tree pigment in the hospital parking lot as shown in the picture below.

Hollis’ Classroom: Nugget of Wisdom 3/3

This one is on the front bench in the chapel as shown in the picture below.

Hollis’ Classroom Half-A-Minds (2)

Half-A-Minds are collectibles that you will find in the Mental Worlds. Collecting 2 of these will help you increase your mental health pool by 1 brain.

Hollis’ Classroom: Half-A-Mind 1/2

The first Half-A-Mind is at the center of the morgue in Holli’s Classroom. This one is impossible to miss.

Hollis’ Classroom: Half-A-Mind 2/2

This Half-A-Mind is in the same room as the first one. It’s on a platform up above in the room. You will have to use mental connections to reach there.

Hollis’ Classroom Figments (42)

There are a total of 42 Figments on this level. Check the below video to see their locations.

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