Honkai Star Rail: All Supply Zone Treasure Chests And Warp Trotter Locations

Herta Space Station comprises several regions, such as the Base Zone, Storage Zone, etc., and each contains a specific quantity of treasure chests for players to discover. This article will guide you to find all Supply Zone Treasure Chests.

1) Treasure Chest

The Basic Treasure can be found inside the electrical room of the Supply Zone. You’ll need to head south of the Electrical Room Space Anchor to reach the cabin. It is available after story.

2) Treasure Chest

Head south from the central Space Anchor point, then go west to find the second Basic Chest.

3) Treasure Chest

You can find it in the northeast corner of the same room.

4) Treasure Chest – Precious Treasure

To obtain this Precious Treasure, you’ll need to solve a toggling bridge puzzle located in the lower zone (F1). This treasure is part of a quest called “Out of Reach,” which an old man stuck down there initiates. You can access this quest at Trailblaze level 22.

5) Treasure Chest – Precious Treasure

Head west from the Spare Part Warehouse Space Anchor point.

6) Treasure Chest

You can find the Basic Treasure tucked away in a small nook.

#1 ) Warp Trotter

It requires Sensitive Being quest

7) Treasure Chest

Basic Treasure is located north of the Railways Platform Space Anchor in a safe zone.

8) Treasure Chest

Basic Treasure is located west of the Railways Platform Space Anchor.

9-12) Treasure Chest

Four Treasures are available inside the terminal room. These can be claimed one at a time during the Sensitive Beings Adventure mission in Honkai: Star Rail. The quest is divided into three parts:

Sensitive Beings (I): Spawn two Bountiful Treasures consecutively.

Sensitive Beings (II): Spawn one Bountiful Treasure.

Sensitive Beings (III): Spawn one Precious Treasure.

13) Treasure Chest

It is a quest related chest and is available after level 21.

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