Honkai Star Rail Luofu Myths: Haunted House Password

This article provides guidance on unlocking the safe and retrieving the deed password during the Luofu Myths quest: Haunted House of Honkai Star Rail.

The puzzle is based on the nine-square grid numbers that need to be pressed in the correct sequence. A clue as per note is: M is 71839, N is 7193, V is 183, then the safe password is “T”

Got it. It seems like you’re using the nine-square grid to form letters based on the sequence of numbers. Following the pattern you’ve described:

  • Joining 7-1-8-3-9 in a sequence forms M.
  • Joining 7-1-9-3 in a sequence forms M.
  • Joining 1-8-3 in a sequence forms V.

If we apply the same pattern to T, it would be formed by joining 1-3-2-8. Therefore, T would be represented by 1328 in this context.

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