Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC – All Pangea Figurine Locations

This article will guide you on where to find all Pangea figurines in the Burning Shores DLC. Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores contains 5 Pangea Figurine Locations.

1) Pangea Figurine – Queen Rex

The first figurine is on the east side of the island. Once here, examine the Fire Fanghorn’s carcass. Then cast your Pullcaster at the rusty beams to pull it open.

Investigate the crate to uncover the location of the Shellwalker

You’ll then need to follow the tracks of the machines, which will lead you to a nearby river. Defeat the machine to find the Pangea figurine.

2) Pangea Figurine – Dimorphodon

Navigate to the island on the map’s north side. You’ll find a terminal here that needs you to enter a six-digit code. The code is 111464, which can be seen engraved on the top of the area’s highest structure.

Enter the chamber and take the Pangea Figurine off the floor.

3) Pangea Figurine – Green Raptor

Proceed to the specified location to examine the data point named “In For It”. This will unveil that the Pangea Figurine has been stolen and is currently located in a parking garage nearby.

Enter the garage and proceed to the very bottom floor, which contains the water. Pry up the automobile hood to uncover the Pangea Figurine.

4) Pangea Figurine

Proceed to the rooftop of the building and destroy the purple fire gleam to reveal a hole in the floor. Descend through the opening and investigate the submerged data point to uncover the whereabouts of the figurine.

Next, fly to the mansion as illustrated in the map screenshot provided. Utilize the Waterwing to dislodge the hatch situated on the mansion’s rooftop. Enter through the opening to retrieve the Pangea Figurine.

5) Pangea Figurine

The final figurine can be located towards the southeast of the island, specifically on the west side of Pangea Park.

Move towards the right side to locate a hatch. After opening the hatch, crawl through the shaft and open the second hatch to enter the room where the Pangea Figurine can be found.

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