Horizon Forbidden West: How To Access The Burning Shores DLC

This week on April 19th, the highly anticipated Burning Shores expansion for Horizon Forbidden West, exclusive to the PS5, will be released. The expansion will take players to a post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles where they will accompany Aloy on one of her most perilous missions yet, promising an extensive and thrilling adventure.

How to start the Burning Shores DLC

To access Burning Shores in Horizon Forbidden West, you must purchase and install it from the PlayStation Store. The only in-game requirement is that you have completed the main questline, including the Singularity mission, defeat the final boss, and have also finished the game’s epilogue.

After completing the above prerequisites, take a short walk in the area for some time. Finally, Aloy will receive a call in-game through her Focus to start the new DLC.

Upon concluding the last quest and epilogue, you must free-roam for a bit before starting the DLC. After a few minutes of free-roaming, you will receive a call over Aloy’s Focus from Sylens

Note: If you have started a New Game+ save file since completing the game, you will need to either finish the main questline again or return to a previous endgame save state.

What’s new in the Burning Shores DLC

The Burning Shores expansion in Horizon Forbidden West will introduce Aloy to a previously unexplored region modeled after Los Angeles, featuring distinct narrative elements, exclusive landmarks, and diverse gameplay options. Alongside Aloy, players will be introduced to Seyka, a member of the Quen tribe who will accompany her throughout the majority of the DLC’s storyline.

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