House Beneviento: Resident Evil 8 Village Walkthrough & Puzzles

Resident Evil Village’s – Collect Rose: 1/4 objective takes you through the House Beneviento. This includes how to escape the Doll Workshop, and how to find and defeat Angie.

House Beneviento: Find the second flask - COLLECT ROSE: 1/4

    • From Altar head to the door on the north side using Four-Winged Key. Keep walking linearly until you reach a large door, insert the Family Photo through the mail slot to enter inside. Take the elevator up and follow the path to House Beneviento.

Enter the building from the front door head to the Living Room through the left door. Take the door on the right and follow the corridor and finally ride the elevator down.


From the elevator, take the front door into the hallway and follow it to reach the Doll Workshop. Interact with the doll on the chair to play the cutscene.


      • Examine the left leg to get Winding Key
      • Examine her left hand for the Blood Covered Ring
      • Remove right shoulder to get a Silver Key
      • Examine the left eye to find a Raven Flying image
      • Examine her mouth, but you need a tool to retrieve the item.
      • Examine right hand to find the symbol of 3 Closed Eyes
    • Now, head into the Medical Room on the east (using the silver key).
    • Interact with the washbasin twice to wash off the blood from the Blood Covered ring to reveal the code.
    •  The code for Beneviento’s Doll Workshop is 05-29-11


Enter the code into the lock to open the door. Follow the hallway to reach the Storage Room (the first door on the left).

    • You will find a Music Box on the table. Use the Winding Key on the music box to open the front panel.
    • Arrange the cylinders so that the deep scratch marks line up.
      • 2, 4, 1, 5, 3 (right arrangment)
    • Complete the puzzle correctly to receive the Tweezers. Now head back to the Doll Workshop and interact with the doll mouth to extract the Film.


    • Head back to the Study, the room near elevator with white door.
    • Examine the note on the table and rearrange the film in the correct order to match the note: From left – stuffed monkeyVillage of ShadowsBaby RoseMusic Box, and hand with a ring.
    • Play the movie to open a secret passage. Inside, turn right and collect the scissors from the doll.
    • Also, if examine below the dolls, you will find a secret passage leading to the Medicine Room after cutting the bandage.


    • Go to the workshop, and cut away the bandages using scissors to find find the Brass Medallion
    • Examine right hand to find the symbol of 3 Closed Eyes
    • Take the hallway to the west of the Doll Workshop to the puzzle/sealed. Place the brass medallion in the empty slot and then slide the other two to match the symbols a raven flying right and three closed eyes.


follow the tunnel to reach an old well. Climb down the ladder to collect Breaker Box Key.


Head for the elevator. when you encounter a large & disturbing baby, turn and sprint back to the Medicine Room. You can hide inside the wooden locker in Medical Room and wait for it to go away. 

  •  Alternatively, you can reach the elevator through the other route:
    Doll Workshop > Medicine Room > Follow Hallway to Study > Elevator

Use the Breaker Box Key to unlock the breaker box by the elevator. Grab the Relief of a Child.


Head to Mother’s Door via a tunnel of the Study Room. Place the Relief of a Child to unlock it

Head down the stairs and into the Bedroom. Grab the fuse from the wall at the southernmost corner.

Head back to Mother’s Door to encounter the dangerous crawling baby. Sprint back to the Bedroom. Hide inside the wooden locker or under the bed (better option)


    • Go to the elevator again via Medicine Room > Workshop > Hallway > Elevator

Put the fuse back into the fuse box and ride the elevator to the first floor.


work through the hallway until you reach a cutscene. Now you have to find the bride doll at three different locations.

  • Head to Guest Room (F2) via Foyer to find the bride doll (Angie).
  • The next two locations will be random place in F1

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