How to Access Pre-Order Bonuses in Outriders

  • Post published:April 1, 2021
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The Outriders game features several pre-order bonuses. These pre-order bonuses include a mix of Guns, Special Gear sets, Truck Mods & Decals. 

As per the official website, the pre-order comes with The Hell’s Rangers Content Pack which includes:

    • The Hell’s Rangers Male and Female Gear Sets  
    • The Hell’s Rangers Arsenal of 11 unique Guns  
    • The Hell’s Rangers Truck Mods and Decals

Where to Find Outriders Pre-Order Bonus Items?

To find the Outriders Hell’s Rangers preorder bonus items, you have to play the initial part of the game prologue and reach Rift City. 

In Rift Town, you have to go into a big hall inside your camp and get it from the Stash. It will be in your Inbox Tab in the Stash. But, you can only use it when you reach Character Level 10

Once you’ve acquired the pre-order items you can equip them in your inventory and on the vehicle customization screen. Truck mods and decals will unlock when you first get into the vehicle, which happens when you travel from Rift Town to First City.

Note: There is nothing mentioned on the website if these unique guns are unobtainable throughout the game or not.

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