How to Acquire & Deliver Cogwheel in Skull and Bones | Unwelcome Aboard Contract

This article will guide you through all the objectives of the contract “Unwelcome Aboard” to acquire & deliver Cogwheel for the game Skull and Bones, released on 6th February 2024.

Contract Objectives Walkthrough

The Unwelcome Aboard contract can be obtained at Saint Anne. After carrying out the “First Blood” contract, speak with the Blacksmith to acquire the contract Unwelcome Aboard. Blacksmith will ask you to bring rare parts from the Compagnie warship.

Attack Compagnie Skirmishers and bring their loot to the Blacksmith

After accepting the contract, start sailing to find Compagnie Skirmishers (Warship). Compagnie Skirmishers is sailing through the northern part of Red Isle, you can open your map to locate the exact location.

Once you reach the marked location, use your spyglass to identify the correct ship and start attacking.

Acquire Cogwheels

To obtain the Cogwheels from Compagnie Skirmishers, the player must either destroy and sink the ship totally or board it.

Deliver the Cogwheels

Finally, head back to Saint Anne and deliver Cogwheels to the Blacksmith to end the contract.

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