How to Arm the Explosives in Devon v Devin | Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC

Devon v Devin: London Culling – Arm the Explosives

Devon v Devin: London Culling is the fourth fixer contract of the Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC. You’ll get the objective ‘Arm the Explosives’ when you reach the second movie set during this side mission. Get to the end of the movie set and interact with the terminal to reveal the nodal puzzle. This walkthrough will show you how to solve the nodal puzzle and arm the explosives. For a detailed visual walkthrough check out the video at the bottom of the page.

How to Solve the Puzzle?

To solve the puzzle you’ve to unlock the two locked nodes. Follow the date-flow (blue-line) and reach the first node. Rotate the node and position it in such a way that the data-flow is routed in both directions. Note: As soon as you rotate the first node a two-minute timer will start. If you fail to complete the puzzle within this time the nodes will reset and you’ll have to restart the puzzle.

Now, follow the data-flow towards west and get to the next node. Rotate this node to make the date flow ahead in both the directions.

From the last node, move north along the data-flow (through the container) to reach the Locked Node #1. You need to unlock this node. Move north-east (along the red-line) to reach the next node. Rotate this node to make the date flow towards Locked Node #1. This will unlock the node.

Now, return back to Locked Node #1 (which has been unlocked now) and rotate the node to make the data flow through the stairs into the circular building (to Locked Node #2). Important Note: Position the Node in such a way that the data coming through the container is directed towards Locked Node #2.

Return back to the node (north-east from Locked Node #1) and rotate it to direct the data-flow towards north (away from Locked Node #1).

From here, follow the data-flow and get to the next node which in the narrow passage behind the building. Rotate this node to make the date-flow continue forward (towards Locked Node #2). Keep trailing the data-flow. It will lead you into the circular building to Locked Node #2.

Locked Node #2 is now getting data-flow from 2 directions. It still needs data-flow from one more direction. Follow the red-line (towards west) to get to the node behind the circular building. Rotate the node to make the date flow towards Locked Node #2. Now, get back to locked Node #2 and unlock it to complete the puzzle.

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