How To Beat The Shibuya Jail Boss – Mad Rabbit Alice | Persona 5 Strikers

Objective: Defeat Mad Rabbit Alice in Shibuya Jail Boss

Location: Shibuya Jail
Monarch: Mad Rabbit Alice
Trophy: Cage of Lust Closed
Date: 29th July
Weakness: Wind & Fire
Immunity: Psy 


  • Switch out team members correctly to exploit Alice’s weakness in the boss fight.
  • Ensure Joker has wind or fire-based Persona.
  • Along with joker, Ann (Damage: Fire) and Morgana (Damage: Wind) are correct candidates for this boss fight considering her weaknesses. Avoid Noir as her Psy attacks are not effective.
  • Stay away from Alice when she is spinning on the pole in the middle of the battlefield to avoid serious damage.
  • Attack her when she stops spinning. Repeat this strategy.
  • Heal the character whenever Alice inflicts Brain Wash.

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