How to Call Dr. Austerlitz in Chapter 3 -The Stranger (Lust from Beyond)

This walkthrough of the game “Lust from Beyond” will show you how to Find Dr. Austerlitz’s phone number and how to call Dr. Austerlitz in Chapter 3 – The Stranger.

Find Dr. Austerlitz’s phone number

    • Go to “Food Willie’s Fresh” (shop with a pink board)
    • Read the note on the door.
    • Pick up the pipe from the floor and use it to break the pot hanging above the door.
    • Go to the second floor and through the balcony go to the next room. Collect the screwdriver from the table.
    • Go back to the ally on the right side of Dr. Austerlitz’s office and use the screwdriver to break the lock of the iron gate.
    • Collect the flyer to get Dr. Austerlitz’s phone number.

Call Dr. Austerlitz

    • Phonebooth is on the left side of the road just before “Food Willie’s Fresh” store.
    • Use coin and flyer to call Dr. Austerlitz

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