How to Catch Mimikyu – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

This article will show you where to find Mimikyu in the game Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which is released on 18 November 2022.

Paldea Pokedex: #239 Mimikyu
Type: Ghost / Fairy
Ability: Disguise
Height: 0’08”
Evolution: No Evolution
Characteristics: This Pokémon lives in dark places untouched by sunlight. When it appears before humans, it hides under a cloth that resembles a Pikachu.

Where to Catch Mimikyu

Area: East Province (Area Two) – Ruins 10%, Glaseado Mountain – Ruins 10%, Tagtree Thicket – Forest 10%

Step 1: Fly to East Province (Area Two) – Pokemon center

Step 2: Across the river at the marked location is a ruined. Search around the ruin to find Mimikyu.

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