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  • Post published:September 11, 2023
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This guide shows how to create an Inter System Cargo Link in Starfield. Intersystem cargo links are constructions that enable the instantaneous transfer of materials and resources between different planets.

Complete Manufacturing 1 Research

To begin, you’ll need to use any Research Station and navigate to the third category, which is Outpost Development. Complete the Research report titled ‘Manufacturing 1‘.

For Manufacturing 1 you need Zero wire, Adaptive frames, Irons, and Sealant. These materials are readily available on nearly any Starfield planet.

Go to an outpost with He-3

Next, you’ll need He-3, which you can obtain by visiting an outpost that has access to He-3. My Outpost in Andraphon has He-3, AL, and BE.

Build Cargo Link- Inter System

To construct a cargo link, navigate to the Miscellaneous category within the building tab. Choose ‘Cargo Link – Inter-System‘ and position it in a suitable location for installation.

If ‘Cargo Link – Inter-System’ appears in red, it means you cannot place it within your base, and an error message will provide an explanation for the placement restriction.

Create output link for He-3

For the proper operation of the ‘Cargo Link – Inter System’ establish an output link from the He-3 storage to the He-3 container on the Cargo Link.

Establish an Output Link to Streamline Material Transfers

Set up an output link connecting the Storage container to the container on the Cargo Link. This Output container is intended for the specific material you wish to transfer.

Build Another Cargo Link- Inter System in Different Star system

Proceed to a different star system and create a fresh ‘Build Cargo Link – Inter System.’ He-3 is not needed in this particular star system.

Interact with the terminal to establish a connection between this outpost and another outpost.

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