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Biomutant: Jumbo Puff, The First World Eater Boss

Jumbo puff is the First boss or World Eater you will encounter in Biomutant. You need to fight Jumbo Puff in few different stages. Your fight will start in your mech. Here you need to keep yourself mobile, dodging Jumbo Puff’s incoming attacks, and Keep shooting at him.

Boss: Jumbo Puff

Enter Jumbo Puff Place and head towards the center to trigger a cutscene. Jumbo Puff will jump down into the arena from the large tree root and begin wreaking havoc.

First Phase Fight

    • Focus on firing the Mekton’s guns at Jumbo Puff.
    • Jumbo Puff will stomp around the arena and start destroying buildings and tossing debris at you. Dodge these attacks and stay mobile
    • Keep distance and make sure to avoid its long tongue attack.
    • Jumbo Puff will climb back up onto the tree root and starting hurl boulders down towards you. Here just focus on dodging the boulders.
    • When Jumbo Puff returns to the arena, you’ll be prompted to fire the Sqvips you collected at it. This will stun Jumbo Puff momentarily, allowing you to approach its tongue and pull it backward by repeatedly mashing the melee button.

Second Phase

    • It will gain lightning abilities in the form of an electric whip-like weapon. Avoid the whip attacks while continuing to fire at it.
    • Jumbo Puff will climb to a large tree again and toss more boulders. Just Dodge these boulder attacks.

Final Phase Fight

    • Jumbo Puff will eat you and send you straight into its stomach to fight it from the inside.
    • Use the handholds to climb on the wall to avoid green-color stomach acid.
    • Also, avoid small leech-like enemies crawling.
    • Head towards the center where you’ll find a large beating heart. Keep shoot at. You’ll be funneled back into the main stomach area. Repeat climbing up and attack the heart again to finally defeat Jumbo Puff

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