How to do High Seas Heist Contract in Skull and Bones | Caradec’s Bounty Map Location

This article will guide you on how to do the Main Contract “High Seas Heist” in the game of Skull and Bones and also locate the location of Caradec’s Bounty.

High Seas Heist Quest Walkthrough

In the Main Contract “High Seas Heist“, Scurlock (NPC) who is The Pirate King wants you to find the Royal Louis, the treasure map, and the Caradec’s Bounty.

Sail to the Royal Louis’ rumored location

To discover the Royal Louis, start sailing west of the Moon Islands. Use the map below as a reference. The ship is somewhere in the highlighted region on the map. To quickly locate the Royal Louis, use your spyglass to look for a ship setting off fireworks.

Hunt down the Royal Louis and seize her cargo

Once the Royal Louis is identified, the player can start attacking it. Make sure to upgrade your ship to level 4 because Royal Louis is at level 4.

Where to Find and Steal Caradec’s Bounty

After you’ve destroyed the Royal Louis, steal its cargo to obtain Caradec’s Bounty Treasure Map. Next, go to your inventory to open it and get the next clue to uncover the hidden treasure which is located at Royal Burial Ground.

Caradec’s Bounty Location

After arriving at the Royal Burial Ground, look at the drawing of the treasure map for a hint as to where the treasure is buried. Start looking for a little rock formation for the treasure by heading northeast from the outpost, passing landmarks like a pirate’s bonfire. Look for a light that is shining above the ground and the treasure is buried beneath it.

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