How to Do Jungle Buddies Request: New Pokemon Snap Guide

Jungle Buddies Request: Wooper & Bounsweet 4 Star Pose | New Pokemon Snap Guide

Professor Mirror will give you requests to do the ‘Jungle Buddies’ request. The request is to snap a picture of Wooper & Bounsweet playing.

    • Visit Founja Jungle (Day)
    • A little ahead in the course, there is a mountain to the left. Play melody near the mountain. A Bounsweet will come (from behind the mountain) and will start following you.
    • After moving a little further, you’ll see Arbok (snake) to the right. Throw a fluffruit at it to make it move.

    • After Arbok leaves its spot, a Wooper will come out of the bushes.
    • The Bounsweet following you will start playing with the Wooper (4-star pose).
    • Photograph them playing together to complete the request.

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